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Elder Law

Helping Elderly Parents to Live Safely at Home

When you envision your “golden years,” what do you see? Are you living independently, being active and enjoying life? Or do you worry that you’ll struggle with declining health and physical limitations? For many seniors, reality falls somewhere in between. Perhaps you see that in your own aging parents.

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estate planning
Estate Planning

What You Should Not Include in Your Will

A last will and testament is a straightforward estate planning tool, used to determine the beneficiaries of your assets when you die, and, if you have minor children, nominating a guardian who will raise your children. Wills can be very specific but can’t enforce all of your wishes.

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Elder Law

What are Most Common Side Effects of COVID-19 Vaccines?

While it may take a while for production to ramp up to the point where a vaccine is readily available to the general public, health experts say there is one thing that’s critical for people to understand before they roll up their sleeves for the shots: The vaccines may cause side effects.

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elder law

The Most Common Myths about COVID Vaccine

The first vaccines to fight COVID-19 have been authorized for emergency use by the federal government — a move that could slow the spread of coronavirus and help bring an end to the pandemic — and other candidates are not that far behind them in the process.

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