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Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Estate’s Big Win against IRS

A ruling that Michael Jackson’s image and likeness at the time of his death were worth about $157 million less than the IRS estimated warns the agency not to look too far down the road, when assessing the value of a celebrity’s estate.

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Elder Abuse
Elder Law

How to Protect Loved Ones from Elder Abuse

The pandemic has kept our aging parents away from us and us away from them for over a year. This isolation is not total. Some people have access, some ignore warnings and some are intent on using the pandemic to hide their actions.

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Will We Soon have Medicare at Age 50?

In addition to reintroducing the Medicare at 50 Act, Senator Gillibrand and her colleagues also called on the Biden administration to expand and improve the Medicare program as part of the American Families Plan.

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Estate Planning

Could My Son-in-Law Get My Estate?

You may love your son-in-law or daughter-in-law now, but that could change down the road. So, if you don’t want your money going to your child’s future ex, here’s what you should do.

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