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Could COVID-19 Lead to Dementia?

Over 80 percent of hospitalized COVID-19 patients have neurological symptoms, a Northwestern Medicine health system study found. Even patients who have mild cases of COVID-19 have reported memory loss, trouble focusing and other related problems that can last for months.

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Wealthy Women
Estate Planning

Why Wealthy Women Face Challenges in Estate and Tax Planning

Given the expectation the Biden administration will roll back some of Trump’s favorable policies of the past four years, tax consultants and accountants are already hard at work. But for HNW women, dealing with election fallout is minor, compared to the bigger fish they have been frying in the tax pan for decades.

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Marilyn Monroe
Estate Planning

Marilyn Monroe’s Estate Profits 50 Years after Her Death

Marilyn Monroe’s estate makes millions every year. At the time of her death in 1962, the icon’s net worth was $10 million, when accounting for inflation. In 2020 alone, she made almost as much as that. But fans of the late star might be surprised to learn that it isn’t her many movies that make her estate the most money.

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Elder Law

How Does Family Pay for Parents’ Care?

More than 53 million Americans are unpaid caregivers for family members. The majority are women—often, an adult daughter who lives closest to an aging parent starts out helping with daily activities. As the parent/care recipient requires more assistance, the daughter cuts back on work hours– risking her own financial security.

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