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What is the “For the 99.5% Act”?

Legislation proposed by Senator Bernie Sanders would dramatically decrease the federal estate tax exemption and limit the ability of many high net worth individuals to engage in estate tax planning.

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Estate Planning

Tax Planning Strategies for 2021

Although uncertainty surrounding the likelihood of tax reform continues for the moment, there are still several wealth transfer strategies that can be considered by those wanting to make gifts.

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Elder Law

What is Medicaid Estate Recovery?

If you’re helping an aging parent navigate Medicaid because they don’t have long-term care insurance or you think you’ll need it yourself someday, it’s important to understand how the program works.

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Estate Planning

What Is a SLAT in Estate Planning?

If you have been thinking about making large gifts to take advantage of the current $11,700,000 lifetime federal estate tax exemption, you have probably been contemplating a spousal lifetime access trust, commonly known as a SLAT.

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