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New York Guardianships

Serving Clients on Long Island and in New York City

In the event an individual is unable to manage his or her own affairs and advance directives have not been completed or the person is developmentally disabled, Kurre Schneps LLP advises clients regarding all aspects of guardianship proceedings.

We guide our clients through the entire guardianship process which may includes the filing of court documents, the appointment of a court evaluator for the purpose of reporting to the court, attendance and presentation of evidence at a court hearing, and the post‑appointment filing of court documents.

Children and other relatives, such as nieces, nephews and cousins, frequently consult Kurre Schneps LLP about their legal rights and obligations when a guardianship proceeding is commenced either by a nursing home, Social Services agency, or another family member. We attend all court appearances and the hearing scheduled by the court, file legal papers with the court asserting our clients’ position regarding the need for the appointment of a guardian, if any, who the appointed guardian should be, which powers the guardians should be granted, the development of a care plan for the ward and the development of a plan for the management of the ward’s assets.

Kurre Schneps LLP also has extensive experience advising guardians on how to fulfill their duties once they have been appointed. These duties often include collecting the ward’s assets, paying the ward’s bills, filing reports with the court, and the transfer of the ward’s assets as part of Medicaid planning.